Windshield wipers — many shops sell poor quality blades

Dear Doctor: I had my car serviced at a local national quick oil change shop. They suggested that every fluid be changed, as well as my wiper blades. I agreed to the wiper blades. That was six weeks ago. When I had to turn on the wipers for a short time they made a lot of noise and chatter across the windshield. I never had this problem before. What is wrong with my wipers? Maryann

Dear Maryann: Without examining the wiper blades I can only speculate that the replacement blades the oil change company used are very inexpensive and a cheaply made, poor product. I recommend you go to either an auto parts store or repair shop and get your blades replaced with a good, high-quality brand. You should try a frameless all-rubber style. Unfortunately, there are many oil change and tire shops that sell poor quality wiper blades.

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