Wife Wants Quality Scan Tool for Husband

Dear Doctor: My husband would like a computer scan tool for checking trouble codes on our 1998 and 1991 cars. I asked the guys at the parts store and they said they had a scan tool for the 1996 and newer cars only. Can you suggest a scan tool that will work on both our ’91 and ’98 vehicles? Susan

Dear Susan: You can buy a simple scan tool for $80 from Actron for the 1996 and newer and a separate scan tool for 1995 and earlier model years. The difference in the 1996 and newer vehicles is the generic diagnostic system called OBD2 and most 1995 and older vehicles system is called OBD1. You can go to www.actron.com and look at the scan tools. I have both of these scan tools. The Actron brand is a quality tool and simple to use. For professionals and car clubs there is a model CP9580 that also is loaded with verified fixes for trouble codes.

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