Widow Wants to Start Minivan Engine, Not Drive It

Dear Doctor: My late husband owned a 2005 Chrysler Town & Country minivan. I am planning on giving the minivan to my son-in-law when he can fly down south here and drive it back up north. It may be a few months before he can do this. In the meantime, how often do I need to start it? Can it sit in the driveway with the motor running or do I need to actually drive it around? I want to keep it in good shape. Diveda
Dear Diveda: it is a big mistake to just start the engine and let it idle. If you cannot drive the van weekly, then leave it sitting, until someone can take it out for a drive. Consider asking a neighbor to drive your minivan weekly. It is best to take it out for at least a half-hour drive to get the engine up to operating temperature. You also want to make sure the oil and filter have been changed recently and keep the gas tank full.

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