Who is Motor Matters?

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Who is Motor Matters?

The deep details to this question are found on the Connie Keane Blog. I hope you make a pit stop to that page, but since you’re here now, let’s do a quick walk-around.

 We are a trusted brand

Motor Matters has been delivering automotive articles to newspaper publications across the country since 1992. We support the advertorial classified departments with trending and timely content with high-quality, easy-to-read articles. Our format is flexible, allowing publishers to implement effortlessly across multiple platforms in print and digital.

We are trained experts

The people who are writing automotive content for Motor Matters are among the most well-credentialed experts. Our focus is trust and credibility. We’re confident you will be proud to have our writers appear on your print and online pages. Our biographies are here at “About Motor Matters”. 

Take a test-drive

Motor Matters delivers engaging, high-quality articles that are well written by professional automotive experts.  We provide solutions to your readership target goals with Consumer Interest Trends, Expert Research and Advice, Automotive Niche Specialty Products, plus New and Used Buyers Guides. Contact me for a free test-drive here.

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