Tire Tread More Important Than Tire Brand

Dear Doctor: I have a 2008 Dodge Ram 1500 pickup truck. I want to put new tires on it. What do you think of Cooper’s Discoverer H/T or A/T3, General’s Grabber HTS, Firestone Destination LE or AT? Thank you for your advice. Anthony

Dear Anthony: For truck and sport utility vehicles I recommend that unless you are going off-roading or plowing snow do not buy anything but an H/T (highway tread design). A/T (all-terrain) is made specifically for off-road and broken pavement and snow plowing. You can look at an LT tire for truck vs. a P-Metric for light duty. The LT will give you a harder ride and handle extra weight. I do not care what brand you buy, just buy the correct tread pattern for your driving needs.

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