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Engaging readers has to happen fast.  It has to happen right.  Getting eyeballs to your content is about making the message relatable, personable, believable.  And it’s what we do.

Niche content helps you find your audience.

Automotive specialty content relates to an audience already invested in the subject.

Motor Matters writes relevant articles that speak to the hearts of classic car lovers, motorcyclists, RV travelers, women car buyers, and do-it-yourselfers.  This is content you want on your pages — because it comes alive for readers in a personable, credible way.


5 Content Solutions to Target Automotive Niche Enthusiasts:



1958 MGA Purchased in Boxes of Parts

2_ 1958 MGA _ beachDanny Varnado has been a “Car Guy” ever since his days in high school shop class. Varnado has been restoring and rebuilding cars for more than 40 years.
“It’s a mental illness, I’ll admit it,” Varnado laughs.

Asked if he has a favorite among the cars he’s restored, his response is quick: “Whichever one I’m driving at the time. That’s my favorite.”

A long-time worker at the Exxon Refinery in Baton Rouge, La., Varnado drove to work like most plant workers: in a full-sized pickup truck. He did, that is, until the fall of 2001, when he decided it was wasteful for “one little guy in his big ole’ truck” to drive 40 miles a day to work. That’s when Varnado began searching for a small two-seat convertible to use as his daily driver.

Varnado was thinking “Miata” until he learned that a friend and plant co-worker was interested in selling his project car, a 1958 MGA.



Alaska: Last Frontier is Ultimate RV Trip

1_ Turnagain Arm-Seward Highway-Alaska-Frank FlavinWith fuel prices expected to remain “below $3 per gallon throughout 2015,” according to a recent AAA report — this is the ideal year to plan that ultimate road trip to Alaska. One of the grandest Recreation Vehicle adventures of a lifetime is following the lure of the Alaska Highway north to the land of the midnight sun.

“An RV is a perfect way to enjoy the scenic highways and Alaska,” says travel photographer John Holod (, who has traveled to the Last Frontier since the early 1970s. “You can stop where you want, eat what you want, and sleep when you want.”

Along the way there will be opportunities to photograph grizzly bear fishing for sockeye salmon, kayak at the foot of ancient glaciers, and drift back in time to the days of prospectors panning for gold. There is so much to see and do in Alaska, the big question is “time.”



You Are Money in the Driver’s Seat

2015 Chevrolet SparkAccording to Jody DeVere, CEO of, a car advice site for women, “The experience of buying is more important than the transaction itself. Price is a factor to women, but they’ll pay more for reliability, high quality, and excellent service.”

DeVere explains, “Women do a lot of research on products before they go out and look. They ask lots of questions before they make a decision to buy. And if the experience is not positive, she will quickly leave and go elsewhere to buy what she’s looking for.” She’ll also reach to social media to tell her peers about her experience. If the experience is very positive women will be loyal repeat customers and tell all their friends.

“As women become the dominant car buying segment, auto makers and suppliers need to change their product development strategy,” advises Olivia Walker, Frost & Sullivan Visionary Innovation Senior Consultant. “The rise of the female car purchaser is impacting OEM strategy and broadening some car categories. We believe OEMs will win by developing products and strategies that are directed at women.”



How to Improve Old School Gas Mileage

2004 Dodge Ram 1500 Regular CabDear Doctor: I have a 2005 Rumblebee Ram 1500 Hemi pickup truck. It’s in beautiful condition with 60,000 miles, but only gets 10 miles per gallon — on a good day. Anyway to improve that? Andy

Dear Andy: Your Ram has old-school technology. The computer’s capability, capacity speed, memory fuel injection system and transmission are not like the vehicles of today. However, there are a few things you can do to increase the performance and possible gas mileage. It will require a low-restriction exhaust system, cold-air intake, 160-degree thermostat, engine power programmer, full-synthetic engine oil and differential oil, along with the tire pressure set to 5 pounds above the manufacturer’s recommendation.



Indian Scout: Return of a Cycling Legend

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESWhen viewing the Indian Scout for the first time in person, it appears relatively small. It sits low and displays a rather austere retro image. It wears no faux cooling fins on the engine, but instead has structural ribbing that matches other aluminum-toned accents.

The new Scout is designed to be a solo rider, drawing from its early heritage. Foot controls are set forward and the handlebars are well positioned and reach back to the rider, all making for a really comfortable riding position. The seat is small but surprisingly comfortable with its 25.3-inch height.

An optional windshield is available, and an optional passenger pillion and pegs are also available, as are saddlebags, but why spoil the look? Granted: added comfort, convenience, and functionality may trump appearance and may not be a bad thing. Optional chrome crash bars, for instance, would provide relief for tall riders on long rides, but would tend to elevate the “bling” level, which doesn’t fit this bike for my taste.


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