Removing PAX tires from Honda

Dear Doctor: I dislike the run-flat PAX tires on my Honda. The ride is very bumpy and I’ve even heard from other people that they wear poorly, repairs are costly and that each tire weighs 100 pounds. If I buy new Honda rims and tires would I get a better ride and mileage?  Should I opt for 16-inch or 17-inch rims and tires? Nick

Dear Nick: Great question. I, too, really dislike PAX tires. Yes, you can upgrade to conventional tires and wheels, which is something we do all the time. I would go for the 16-inch to increase ride quality. The 17-inch would be less forgiving over bumps. I recommend you research for the tire and wheel combination. Remember, if your van has a TPS system you will need to buy a set of monitors as well. You will also need a spare tire and rims, plus a jack and lug wrench. You do not necessarily have to buy factory Honda rims.

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