2001 Hyundai Accent – battery drain

Dear Doctor: I recently purchased a 2001 Hyundai Accent in Florida and towed it to Arkansas. During the test drive the car ran great. However, after getting it to Arkansas the car had to be jumped-started 10 times in two weeks. It would run great all day then would drain down overnight. There is no trunk or hood light. I have had the battery, alternator, starter, and fuel pump replaced. I also pulled the fuse for the stereo in case it was draining battery. The seller said he replaced the transmission with a 2007 model tranny. He also replaced the fuel gauge sensor with a used one before I picked the car up. Can you help? Ken

Dear Ken: There is no one feature that causes the parasitic drain that kills the battery overnight. The technician will need to hook up an amp meter in line with the negative battery cable or use a low amp current meter. This is the only way to check the current draw. Next, the technician will start removing one fuse at a time to monitor the draw. He may also look on Alldata to view the wiring diagrams of all components that have power with the key in the “off” position.

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