Car and Boat Engine Similarities

Dear Doctor: I have always wondered if there are reasonable ways to compare engine life/wear of cars and boats with similar types of motors. I own a 2000 Sea Ray with a 5.7-L electronic fuel injected motor (stern drive). It essentially is a small block Chevy. What is the equivalent wear my boat engine may have (with 450 hours) to that of a car’s mileage with a similar motor type? The boat’s engine oil is changed every 45 hours of operation and typically is run at rpms in the 3000 to 3400 range. Ron

Dear Ron: At 450 hours, the engine still has another 450 remaining — as long as the maintenance is kept up. There are many factors that relate to boats. First is the engine temperature is always consistent, and second, the engine is always under a load. When is the last time you backed off the throttle and coasted down the lake or ocean? I have been a boat owner for many years and have yet to have an engine fail from an internal problem. — Junior Damato, Motor Matters

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