2004 Honda Accord

Dear Doctor: I own a 2004 Honda Accord V-6 with 105,000 miles and I’ve always used premium gasoline. The car developed an extended cranking time, but always does start. My mechanic said there is a bulletin to replace the fuel pressure regulator, so I had him do that along with a complete engine tune-up. My mechanic told me to go to the Honda dealership to have the computer reset, so I did but still have the same condition. The dealer technician said using premium gas could also cause the problem. What do you think? Pete
Dear Pete: I do not think the premium gas is causing the extended crank time. I would first hook a scan tool and fuel pressure tester to diagnose the condition. Next, I would look at the coolant sensor’s actual temperature information being sent to the computer. The map sensor and upstream oxygen sensors could be out-of-range without setting a trouble fault code. Identifix lists some additional problems reported by other technicians around the country including EGR back flow into the intake manifold and a leaking seal at the fuel pump module. Alldata lists a complete step-by-step break down on specs and removal of everything I mentioned, along with correct parts numbers.

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