2002 Pontiac Aztek

Dear Doctor: Due to some electric malfunctions, a local shop changed the power module in my beloved 2002 Pontiac Aztek. Friends make fun of the car’s ugliness, but I happen to like it a lot, particularly because of the excellent fuel mileage, which was consistently in the low 20s during the first 50,000 miles. But after replacement of the power module, the mileage has now dropped off into the teens. The repair shop says it can’t be due to the module, but there’s been no other work done. What could it be? Bob
Dear Bob: Anytime there is a drastic drop in fuel economy after an electronic part is replaced, we need to step back and check the replacement electronic part and make sure it is the correct part and has been updated (flashed), if applicable. Take it to the shop and have the technician hook up a professional scan tool for a road test. Drive the car while the technician monitors all the computer information, including the oxygen sensor, engine temperature and make sure the transmission is shifting into overdrive.

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