2005 Toyota Corolla

Dear Doctor: I own a 2005 Toyota Corolla with a 5-speed transmission with 40,000 miles. Every now and then it has a hesitation when first starting out. It doesn’t matter whether it is a warm day or a cold day. Revving the engine sometimes stops it. When it is in one of these periods, it reduces the gas mileage by a gallon or more. The dealer ran tests and can’t find anything wrong with it. A few months ago I answered an online survey by Toyota. One of the questions alluded to hesitation and I explained my problem. I never heard anything back from them. Is this one of those “live with it” things? Mary
Dear Mary: There are no common causes for your occasional hesitation complaint. With the manual transmission if there is any engine miss or hesitation you will feel it. For the engine to have this problem and the loss of 1 mile per gallon, I would look at the EGR valve for not closing fully. If it were a fault of an input sensor, such as mass air meter or oxygen sensor, then the computer would set a fault code. I have seen a lot of troublesome coolant sensors that can cause multiple problems without setting fault codes.

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