Capless Fuel Tank Is Better for the Environment

Dear Doctor: I just purchased a new Ford Sport Trac and I had a real hard time finding the one I wanted fully loaded, but my dealer was able to find one out-of-state. Why is this the last year that Ford is making them? It’s an awesome truck. Also, my wife just leased the 2011 Ford Taurus, and she told me it has no gas cap. I know with today’s modern technology things are much better than they were years ago, but when you open door to put gas in it, it says no cap! Isn’t this a little on the dangerous side? What’s the purpose of the no cap? Gary

Dear Gary: The Ford Explorer Sport Trac is a nice SUV, but has been just mediocre in sales. Look at the F-150 four-door pickup truck with a short bed and you’ll see it is more versatile than the Explorer Sport Trac. As for no gas cap on the Taurus, my own 2006 GT40 does not have a gas cap either. The small door seals shut when the gas nozzle is removed. As for safety, you will not forget to replace the cap or leave it at the pump after a fill up, and the capless fuel tank also reduces fuel emissions.

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