2002 Ford F-150

Dear Doctor: I own a 2002 Ford F-150 with 44,288 miles on it. My wife has a 2003 Toyota Avalon with 17,332 miles on it. Both vehicles have the same problem. The rear disc brake pads have worn down to nothing and had to be replaced, while the front brake pads show little wear. Why? Jim
Dear Jim: This tells me that the rear brakes are working. Your F-150 and Avalon brake wear is not unusual, even with the low miles on the Toyota. The rear brakes are much smaller than the front brakes and in some cases will wear down sooner than the fronts. You need to make sure the caliper slides are not sticking and bleed the system, front and rear. In some vehicles the rear brake pad material is softer than the front and softer material will wear down sooner.

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