2019 Ford F-150

Dear Doctor: Have you been behind the wheel of the new Ford F-150 pickup? I’m wondering if you have an opinion on it. John

Dear John: I was never a fan of Ford trucks. It’s no secret I’ve been a General Motors guy. But after spending a week in the Ford F-150 Limited my mind has changed. Ford has mastered the twin turbo V-6 with 375 horsepower mated to a 10-speed automatic — it is a perfect combination that works fantastic. Power is instant from idle to the redline. The 10-speed transmission is a joint venture with GM, and puts the engine in a perfect rpm range at any speed. Towing capacity is 10,700 pounds, and gas mileage is unheard of in a full-size pickup truck of 17 mpg city 23 mpg highway.

Junior Damato is an ASE-certified Master Technician.

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