As the first hybrid vehicle to carry the mantle of Infiniti’s Inspired Performance, the new 2012 Infiniti M Hybrid is about to change everything luxury sedan buyers have ever thought about hybrids.

The M35h can drive on electric power alone at speeds up to 62 mph. It can travel on electric propulsion for up to 1.2 miles at a time. Tests have shown that in mixed diving, the Infiniti M35h is able to drive in electric only mode for as much as 50 percent of the time.

The 3.5-liter V-6 combines with an electric motor and high-power battery to produce 360 horsepower (hybrid system net power). Two new technologies are fundamental to the M35h’s broad-ranging abilities. One is the Lithium-ion battery pack — quick to alternate between charging/discharging and, size for size, twice as powerful as conventional Nickel-Metal Hydride batteries. The second is the direct manner in which the power is delivered to the rear wheels through the 7-speed automatic transmission. This is central to providing the performance feel expected from a true luxury sports sedan.

Like the gasoline Infiniti M37, the new Infiniti M Hybrid features an elegant yet sporty exterior and interior design. Its balanced, rear-wheel drive proportions and stance, with a long, low hood and high rear deck, provides a roomy cabin, uncompromised by the M Hybrid’s compact battery design (located behind the rear seat).

Inside, the Infiniti M instrument panel features hybrid-unique instrument meters, meter display and IT screen displays, providing battery and other essential system information.

Base model estimated mpg: 25/30
Estimated starting price: $53,700
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