The smart fortwo electric drive marks a natural evolution of the smart brand, further defining its environmental leadership. With an unparalleled eco-heritage, smart developed the electric drive as the next logical extension of the fortwo platform and continues to be a trendsetter in addressing issues facing urban mobility and conservation.
In integrating the components and battery for an electric drivetrain, Daimler designers did not make sacrifices to the smart fortwo’s safety, agility, comfort and space, resulting in a smart fortwo electric drive that looks just like its combustion engine counterpart with the same exterior footprint and large amount of interior head and legroom that have come to define smart.
smart begins deploying a fleet of electric drive vehicles across the United States this fall, targeting key electrification leadership cities and Department of Energy grant areas.
The smart fortwo electric drive vehicles are full electric vehicles, powered by 30 kW drive motor and 16.5 kWh lithium-ion battery. Using a standard 220V outlet, it takes only three and a half hours to charge the battery from 20 to 80 percent of its capacity and less than eight hours to fully charge it. The battery can also be charged using a common household 110V outlet. The vehicles can reach highway speeds and offer a range of 82 miles on a single charge.
Ecology is a hallmark of smart fortwo, from the environmentally friendly manufacturing process to the recyclability of 95 percent of the vehicle’s parts.
Base model estimated mpg: 36/43 (kW-hrs/100 miles)
Estimated starting price: $44,800
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