Mitsubishi adds a new model derived from its Outlander crossover: The all-new Outlander Sport, a slightly smaller version of the popular 7-passenger CUV that features a completely redesigned body, a more fuel-efficient engine paired to either a 5-speed manual or a continuously variable transmission and comfortable accommodations for five.
With its taut, muscular sheetmetal, the 2011 Outlander Sport is visually a breed apart from the rest of its compact crossover competition. With a front fascia inspired by jet fighter air intakes that adorns the company’s legendary high-performance sports sedan — the Lancer Evolution — the Outlander Sport adds a dash of spice to an otherwise very humdrum segment.
The Outlander Sport produces 148 horsepower and 143 lb.-ft. of torque from its 2.0-liter inline-4 configuration. The 4WD system is an available option on the Outlander Sport SE and has seen further design improvements for its fitment to its smaller crossover cousin.
The Outlander Sport’s suspension setup is a MacPherson strut layout in front with a trailing multi-link at the rear with some revisions to its design that provide a more optimal degree of ride comfort and stability that better suit the Sport’s more compact dimensions. The body of the Outlander Sport is completely unique from the Outlander save for the side mirrors — the only parts carried over to the new crossover.
On the open road, the suspension offers a satisfyingly solid ride character that feels like that of a high-dollar luxury sedan while the electric power steering communicates excellent feedback from the road.
Base model estimated mpg: 25/31
Estimated starting price: $18,495
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