2011 Lexus pulls when applying the brakes

Dear Doctor: My 2011 Lexus IS 250C with only 1,000 miles and it has an intermittent pulling problem when applying the brakes. Before it warms up, usually within a mile of starting in the morning, the car’s steering wheel pulls 90 degrees to the right when applying the brakes. I plan on waiting until my first scheduled oil change before mentioning it to the dealer. Any ideas why this is happening? Paul

Dear Paul: When you step on the brake pedal the fluid pressure goes from the brake master cylinder through the anti-lock brake controller, solenoids and then to the brake calipers. When a vehicle pulls either way the possible problems are no fluid pressure getting to opposite side of the pulling, a frozen or sticking caliper or partly collapsed flex hose on the opposite side of the pulling. The ABS and/or traction control system might not be allowing pressure to the brake caliper. There also could be air trapped in the system.

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