The 2011 Chevrolet Volt is an electric vehicle with extended-range capability. It is designed to drive up to 40 miles on electricity without using gasoline or producing tailpipe emissions. When the Volt’s lithium-ion battery is depleted, an engine/generator seamlessly operates to extend the driving range if there is no access to an electrical outlet to recharge the battery, providing peace of mind by eliminating drive range anxiety.
Testing in real conditions
Chevrolet is expanding the Volt ownership experience with a smartphone (Droid by Motorola, Apple iPhone and BlackBerry Storm) application by OnStar that gives Volt owners 24/7 connection and control of vehicle function and OnStar features remotely.
Through Volt’s mobile application, drivers can set or check charging, manually set grid-friendly charge modes for off-peak times, pre-condition the interior temperature using electricity and not gasoline, check EV range and more.
The greater Washington D.C. area will be an initial launch market for the 2011 Chevrolet Volt electric vehicle with extended range. The region around the nation’s capital joins California and Michigan as the initial retail markets where Chevrolet will sell the 2011 Volt electric vehicle to consumers.
The geographical considerations reflect that these markets have progressive local and state government leaders and power utility partners that are critical in bringing the electric vehicle Volt to consumer market.
Base model estimated mpg: (combined) 93 electric, 37 gas
Estimated starting price: $40,820
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