2011 AUDI Q5

The 2011 Audi Q5 balances the fine line between utility and desirability, by providing the ride height and visibility of an SUV and the superior ride quality and competent handling characteristics of an Audi sports sedan.
It features a lightweight and efficient 270-horsepower 3.2 FSI V6 under the hood that produces 243 lb.-ft. of torque with the world-class capability of quattro all-wheel drive. With a bold, single frame grille and sculpted headlights, the Q5 is unmistakably Audi. Strong fender arches define the profile of the SUV and offer a subtle hint at the power of the 3.2 FSI engine within.
A six-speed Tiptronic automatic transmission provides the perfect bridge between the robust 3.2 FSI engine in the Q5 and the go-anywhere quattro all-wheel drive system. Quick, precise changes are actuated by simple movements of the shifter, and when positioned in S-mode the Tiptronic transmission also will hold each gear longer in the rev band to make the most of ample 3.2 FSI power.
Innovative and functional are the adjustable rear seat backs, designed for increased passenger comfort. An available climate-controlled driver cupholder helps keep beverages at the perfect temperature.
The Q5 has a suspension engineered to set the pace no matter what the terrain. The axles boast a design that allows for more than 6 inches of travel to overcome obstacles, and a vertical climb limit of 31 degrees delivers proof that this SUV can go beyond casual trips to the grocery store. A stunning 25 degree approach and departure angle means there are few routes the Q5 can’t take head on, while a ground clearance of nearly 8 inches protects the underbelly of the vehicle.
Base model estimated mpg: 20/27
Estimated starting price: $37,500
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