2010 Toyota Prius – brakes freeze

Dear Doctor: I’ve leased a 2010 Toyota Prius for three years. I only drive 5,000 miles per year and I am concerned that the brakes will freeze up due lack of use. Besides driving unnecessary miles, what should I do to prevent this? Are there stainless steel replacement parts for these brakes so they will not freeze? The recent auto reviews in “Consumer Reports” show a poor rating for this model-year. Tom

Dear Tom: I work on these vehicles six days a week. I have no problem with the brakes on this vehicle. Any vehicle that is left sitting outside in the weather will build up rust on all moving parts that are exposed to the elements. Have your local technician pull the wheels and remove the brake caliper slide bolts and check to make sure they are clean and not binding and moving freely. While they are inspecting the brakes, have them give a complete inspection of the vehicle.

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