2010 Mercedes ML350 – changing the oil

Dear Doctor: I own a 2010 Mercedes ML350 that I purchased new in February 2010. I was told to bring it in for service in November 2010, which I did. They said I wouldn’t have to bring it back for one year. I’m concerned about changing the oil. My mechanic said Mercedes uses synthetic oil and I shouldn’t worry. Also, I notice a hesitation when I start the car in the morning. Should I bring it in for service? Terry

Dear Terry: There is no question that today’s engine oils and other lubricating fluids are far superior from earlier years. Some manufacturers, such as Mercedes, recommend an annual oil change. We owned a 2007 Mercedes E350, which also required only an annual oil and filter service. Personally, I like to see the oil and filter twice a year. This can be done at any qualified service center. As for the engine not starting on the first turn, this could be any number of problems, including initial low fuel pressure, coolant sensor out-of-range or a computer needing reprogramming. The manufacturer should cover this service issue. — Junior Damato

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