2008 Nissan Frontier – odometer can be recalibrated

Dear Doctor: I recently purchased a 2008 Nissan Frontier pickup truck with 34,500 miles and is still under Nissan’s new car warranty. For many years, I have made approximately 20 trips a year from my house in Oakdale, N.Y. to another home in Walton, N.Y. The trip has always measured between 191 and 192 miles; however, in my Frontier the trip measures 198 miles. Can odometers be calibrated and might this be covered under warranty? I’m concerned that when my Frontier reaches the 36,000-mile warranty limit the truck will have many fewer actual miles than the odometer shows. Bill

Dear Bill: Yes, the odometer can be recalibrated. It is done electronically by reprogramming. Tire size also plays a part in calibration and correct speed and odometer readings. You can have the dealer check the vehicle and it should be covered under the warranty.

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