2008 Chevy Impala – lost my brakes

Dear Doctor: I lost my brakes driving home in my 2008 Chevy Impala with 20,000 miles. Turns out the passenger side bracket holding the brake line came loose and the brake line rubbed against the axle until it cut through causing a loss in brake fluid. My mechanic said the bolt holding the bracket came out and he suspects it was never properly tightened. We checked the driver side bracket and saw that the bolts were rusted. The car is now at my dealer’s service center. Should this be reported to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration? Pat

Dear Pat: I have not seen this problem on other Impala’s. Rust is a common problem on all vehicles — some worse than others depending on the area you live. Even with rust however the bolts would not deteriorate enough to rot out. I suspect someone did not properly install the hose-retaining bolt. You can go to the NHTSA web site (www.nhtsa.gov) to inquire if complaints on this problem have been registered.

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