2007 Chevy Tahoe – wheel speed sensor

Dear Doctor: I have a 2007 Chevy Tahoe. Often a message displays on the dash “Traction Control Off Service StabiliTrak.” When this message is flashing the truck seems to jump and pull slightly. I took it to the dealer twice to read the code. They have no solution. Have you heard of this? Jen

Dear Jen: Before any diagnostics can be started the technician will need more information from you. What are you doing when the lights come on? Most of the time with this complaint the driver is applying the brake and coming to a stop, usually around 10 mph or less. If this is what is happening, then the most common problem is a wheel speed sensor, commonly the front speed sensor that gets contaminated with rust. You can also ask your technician to look on Alldata and Identifix for information.

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