2006 Toyota Tacoma – airbag light

Dear Doctor: I have a 2006 Toyota Tacoma V-6 with 45,000 miles on it. Recently, the airbag light came on, flickered went out, then came back on and has stayed on. The dealer diagnosed it as a “spiral cable” and said the airbag would not work properly and would I would not pass Massachusetts state inspection. I had it fixed for $580. I believe that Toyota should pay for that or at least help me with the cost. By the way, I love my truck and my only other complaint is the frame is rusty. Mark

Dear Mark: I honestly think this is your problem, not Toyota’s. If Toyota wanted to help, a partial payment would have been a good business gesture. Yes, the airbag system is a safety item, and should be repaired. All of today’s vehicles have a lot of electronics. There are always going to be some problems along the way. As for the rusty frame, Toyota had a major recall on a lot of truck frames. Check your VIN number with the dealer for any recall information.

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