2006 Honda Ridgeline

Dear Doctor: I had a recall repair performed on my 2006 Honda Ridgeline’s blower motor, passenger side. Since the repair the passenger side vents blow hot air, no matter what the setting. The dealer said it had nothing to do with the repair, but they evacuated the A/C and refilled with new gas, plus a dye. There were no leaks found and they couldn’t replicate the problem. Now the passenger side blows hot air even when the climate control is off. Also, the control responds very slowly, if at all to setting changes. The dealer’s been nice enough, but the problem’s getting worse. Tom

Dear Tom: I see a lot of problems with the dual electronic heat and a/c systems on a variety of vehicles. The problems are related to the heat/air conditioning blend door actuator motor or the main control panel. You may want to check with another dealer or independent repair shop. Make sure the independent shop subscribes to Alldata and Identifix.

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