2005 Toyota Prius

Dear Doctor: I have contacted a class action attorney because my 2005 Toyota Prius radio gets lousy reception. Evidently, Toyota knew they had a problem because it has been corrected in later models. I live in a rural area where the residents travel long distances. I believe I have a safety issue should an emergency occur where notification is via the radio. Do you have any information on this subject? Shelley

Dear Shelley: Identifix lists a Technical Service Bulletin on this problem. Apparently, there is a noise filter in the antenna cable that can cause reception issues. The TSB states to replace the antenna cable, as well as the mast if needed. I personally have not seen this problem on the Toyota Prius, although I’ve heard poor quality AM reception on a variety of vehicles. Some vehicles have better reception than others. Go back to the dealer and ask them to look into the Toyota TSB on your problem radio. This could save you a lot of stress.

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