2004 Pontiac Grand Prix – steering buzzing sound

Dear Doctor: I have a 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix with the 3.8L and Magnasteer. When pulling out of the driveway at a slow speed the steering makes a buzzing sound while turning the wheel. This does not happen while driving at normal speeds. I flushed the power steering fluid with no change in the noise. I found Technical Service Bulletin #01-02-32-001 that states to lubricate or replace the intermediate shaft. Could this resolve the problem? Ralph

Dear Ralph: I’ve replaced a lot of power steering pumps on these vehicles. The buzzing sound is usually from a faulty power steering pump or air in the system. The intermediate lower steering shaft has been a problem for GM vehicles since the 1990s on both cars and trucks. I have also seen small o-rings on power steering lines cause air to leak into the system and cause noise. A full check of the system is needed.

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