2004 Hyundai – airbag light issue

Dear Doctor: The airbag gauge light illuminated on my 2004 Hyundai, so the mechanic cleared it. He said his computer software indicated the problem is under the passenger seat. Two months later the light is back on so I took a look and found a half dozen wires. Is this the main airbag unit or is it under the other seats, too? What is the function of all the wires and the unit? I bought a code diagnostic tool thinking I would get answers. No way — no airbag information. Charles

Dear Charles: There are items on a car that need the service of a professional and the airbag circuit is one of them. You mentioned you purchased a scan tool. The professional computer version used by qualified technicians costs $7,000, plus $1,000 for the annual upgrade. As for the airbag module under the seat, I recommend you go to the dealership. Some airbag components do have an extended warranty. The problem could be a minor a seat belt issue.

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