2004 Dodge Caravan

Dear Doctor: I have a 2004 Dodge Caravan 3.3L V-6 with the automatic transmission and 57,600 miles. Something new has been happening when I go for a gas fill at a local brand name station. After filling up my minivan it runs fine, initially. Then when I am a few blocks down the street it begins to buck and jerk and may occasionally stall out. It starts right up and I continue to have this for 2 to 3 blocks. After that period of time the car continues to run fine until the next fill-up. I always check that the gas cap has been tightened.  What can the problem be? Al

Dear Al: We see the problem often on this vehicle. There is a rollover valve to prevent gas from escaping during a rollover accident. When the vale sticks it causes a rich fuel condition, causing your complaint.

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