2004 Acura TL – vibrating steering wheel, driver’s seat

Dear Doctor: The extended warranty on my 2004 Acura TL will expire in May 2011. I’ve noticed vibrating on the steering wheel and the driver’s seat when idling. When I’m driving I don’t notice anything wrong, but when I stop, I have to take my hand off the wheel because it is uncomfortable to hold. It also vibrates when I am in neutral and reverse, but not as much. Six months ago I mention it to the service man at the dealership and he said that it would be looked at during the Timing Belt Service in May 2011, which is an expensive maintenance interval. I want to get the vibration fixed while the car is still under the warranty. Should I get the Timing Belt Service before the scheduled date to narrow down the potential problem? Kathryn

Dear Kathryn: I would recommend you take your car in now and have the technician look at the engine mounts and the fan belt driven accessories. I would also look at exhaust hangers, brackets and any shields. As for the timing belt service, that should be done replaced per recommendation of the owner’s manual, not before. — Junior Damato, Motor Matters

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