2003 GMC Envoy – drive is sluggish

Dear Doctor: I have a 2003 GMC Envoy XL with about 123,000 miles in it. About six months ago, I changed the battery myself. Since then I’ve noticed the drive is sluggish. Was it because the computer system be should have been reset/adjusted when the battery was changed? Feliciano

Dear Feliciano: Sometimes when replacing the battery in certain vehicles the main computer will lose memory and it will take a few miles of driving for the computer to relearn the driving style. In some vehicles there are computer software updates available. At 100,000-plus miles, your SUV should have a spark plug replacement and a check of the upstream oxygen sensors. The oxygen sensors wear with time and mileage and slow down, causing a sluggish lack in power. I recommend having the SUV checked by a qualified technician.

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