2003 Ford Explorer – intermittent thumping noise

Dear Doctor: My 2003 Ford Explorer has an intermittent thumping noise coming from the suspension or drive chain. It is perplexing because it only happens when the vehicle is warm. During the recent subfreezing temperatures, I could drive all day without hearing the loud thumping. Once the temperature is above 40 degrees F, it thumps. The dealer replaced the rear hubs, but that didn’t resolve the problem. I was also told it was road noise that I was hearing. It is clearly not road noise. Do you have any ideas that I might suggest to my mechanic? Jonathan

Dear Jonathan: If I were servicing your truck I would first want to know whether thump happens when your foot is on the brake, gas or just coasting. Does the thump sound get slower or faster with speed? Take the vehicle to an independent shop or to a technician who can take the time find the source of the problem.

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