2002 Nissan Frontier — knock sensor code is on

Dear Doctor: I own a 2002 Nissan Frontier pickup truck with 2WD with approximately 141,000 miles, which I bought new. I have had to replace the knock sensor twice. The service light still comes on with a knock sensor code. I was told it won’t damage the engine, but in order to pass state inspection and get a sticker, no “check engine” light can be on. This will cost around $500. Can this knock sensor be positioned to another area that can be easily accessed? Half the engine has to be taken apart to get to it. It’s a lot of labor and work! George

Dear George: I have repositioned everything from knock sensors to oxygen sensors for various reasons. Knock sensor failure is common on Nissan vehicles. The knock sensor picks up engine pinging and retards the ignition timing. If you want to move the location, then the knock sensor must be bolted to the head block or intake manifold so it can pick up any engine ping. Another very important part is the wire harness connector to the knock sensor.

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