2002 Honda Odyssey fuel, temperature gauges not working

Dear Doctor: My 2002 Honda Odyssey fuel and temperature gauges do not work properly. When the gas tank needle on the dash registers below half a tank the water gauge goes in the red. I already replaced the thermostat but the gas gauge and water gauges are still not registering properly. Also, when I put on new rotors and brakes they initially squeak for about 2,000 miles during the break-in period. Is this normal? Terri

Dear Terri: The first step is to check for fault codes. Identifix does list a lot of dash cluster and circuit board failures. Before any parts are replaced a full inspection of the circuits need to be done. A qualified technician should be able to follow a trouble flow chart. As for the brake squeak, if you use a good quality brake pad, correct anti-squeal paste on the pad backside and clean the rotors, then there should be absolutely no brake squeal at all. — Junior Damato, Motor Matters

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