2001 Volkswagen Cabrio

Dear Doctor: I have a 2001 Volkswagen Cabrio with 81,000 miles. Recently a trouble-light has been coming come for the antifreeze indicator. Adding antifreeze corrected the problem temporarily, but soon the level would be down again. This condition has been getting increasingly chronic. My mechanic inspected the cooling system and could find no leaks. He wondered if perhaps the antifreeze was getting into the engine via a faulty gasket. He asked if I have seen any white exhaust, but I have not. The engine has not been missing and no “check-engine” light is coming on. What should I look for next? Dave
Dear Dave: Have your technician add some dye to the coolant and then pressure test the system for a good hour — not just a few minutes. The next step is to check for any exhaust gases in the cooling system using either a gas analyzer or chemical test. There are also some factory coolant tablets to help seal the coolant system. We call it coolant stop leak. — Junior Damato

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