2001 Acura TL – braking is not smooth

Dear Doctor: I own a 2001 Acura TL with 85,000 miles. The braking is not smooth. Braking at 60 mph usually results in a strong steering wheel shake. Braking at lower speeds results in a “catch and release” feel. The dealer said this was caused by the wheels being bent and/or imbalanced (they were dinged up pretty good). All were replaced, but that did not fix it. Then the dealer cut the rotors — and that did not fix it. Have you any suggestions? Bob
Dear Bob: My initial thought is that a brake rotor is out-of-round. I’m not sure why the dealer cut the brake rotors. I would have replaced them. I have seen a lot of vehicles with poor cut brake rotors come into my shop. I would let a qualified technician road-test the car and get a second opinion.

— Junior Damato

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