2000 Mercedes-Benz ML320

Dear Doctor: I have a used 2000 Mercedes-Benz ML320 sport utility vehicle with more than 87,000 miles on it. When attempting to start the engine the cranking is smooth and strong, but the engine won’t start. Do I need to replace the fuel filter and spark plug? I do not want to spend too much considering that I am jobless and decided to retire with my only income coming from Social Security. Feliciano

Dear Feliciano: Before anyone can troubleshoot a no-start condition, they will need to have information from the engine computer. Sensor information is needed especially from the crankshaft position sensor. The crankshaft position sensor is a common failing part on this vehicle. There can be a pending fault code for the crank sensor, even without setting the “check engine” light on. You can check with the local AAA office for an approved shop in your area. Most of the AAA shops use Alldata and Identifix for up-to-date information and finding no-start history problems.  — Junior Damato, Motor Matters

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