2000 Chevy Tahoe

Dear Doctor: I have been to four garages and none can figure out the problems on my 2000 Chevy Tahoe. The “check engine” light came on and the garage told me it was the 02 sensor. They replaced it, but the light is still on. Took it to another garage, and they too, replaced the o2 sensor. I then took it an electrical specialist and was told my 02 sensors are bad. I explained I had already replaced them. He told me I needed GM parts. I replaced all 4 with GM sensors and the light is on again — and now the “check 4-wheel drive” light is coming on. Got any ideas? Cathy

Dear Cathy: I see this problem often. Just because there is a trouble fault code does not mean the part is bad. The trouble code is relating to the circuit that has the problem. It could be anything from a broken wire in the harness, blown fuse, to a faulty ECM. In some cases I have seen the small electrical connector corrode or pull slightly out of the connector. I suggest you find a technician that has knowledge of the Tahoe. As for the 4×4 service light, this is often seen on GM electronic transfer cases and is not related to the oxygen sensor fault codes. The circuit will have to be checked. As for the use of only GM parts that is not true. There are many good after market brand parts on the market that meet or exceed OEM parts.

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