1999 Mercury Sable

Dear Doctor: I own a 1999 Mercury Sable with 78,000 miles. I change the oil every three months. I took it for a short trip and both the ABS light and the oil pressure light simultaneously came on. I replaced the oil pressure-sending unit with an OEM replacement and the lights still remain on. There is no value noise, no temperature increase and no “check engine” light illumination. I checked for blown fuses and could not find any. The instrument cluster works fine except for those two lights. The ABS module was replaced a year ago. Could an ABS fault trigger the oil pressure light to come on? Tom

Dear Tom: The first step is to check for any ABS trouble fault codes and brake fluid level in the reservoir. Low brake fluid will set the brake and ABS lights on. A faulty reservoir sender float is not unusual. The next step is to check the actual oil pressure with a mechanical gauge. In the last month I have replaced three dash clusters in both Taurus and Sable models. There is an electrical circuit problem inside the cluster. The removal and replacement is an easy repair. If the problem is the dash cluster, then you can have it repaired or purchase a used cluster from a salvage yard. There is no reason why the ABS and oil pressure lights would come on simultaneously.

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