1998 Pontiac ABS lights stay on

Dear Doctor: I have a 1998 Pontiac Montana minivan. The ABS, brake and anti-slip lights came on about six months ago and my mechanic said that the repair was very costly, but I still had brakes that are operational. Also, my cruise control only works occasionally and I’m used to having the cruise control on all the time. What’s involved with repairing the ABS and is that causing my cruise control to act crazy? Mark

Dear Mark: The technician needs to scan the anti-lock brake system to read the trouble fault code in order to give you an accurate estimate. The cruise control system should also have a trouble fault code in memory. Indeed, the cruise control is affected when the anti-lock brake system has a problem. When the ABS light is illuminated, only the anti-lock system is shut down. The brakes will continue to function. — Junior Damato, Ask the Auto Doctor

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