1997 Chevy Tahoe steering feels loose

Dear Doctor: My 1997 Chevy Tahoe 2WD has 145,000 miles. Occasionally the power steering loses the progressive feel of resistance in a turn and “slips” into a less progressive resistance feel. This occurs when changing lanes on a highway or turning from a highway to an exit ramp. It almost feels like a tire has gone onto an uneven surface, but the road is smooth. The power steering pump was changed with no difference in steering performance. The front-end parts and tires are in good shape. Any advice? Gerry

Dear Gerry: Have a technician look at moving the steering linkage for any binding. The power steering box does wear, but there is an adjustment that can be made to tighten the tolerance back to factory specifications. This would be a good starting point. If you replaced the tires with larger than stock, then big tires will cause steering wander, so will tires low on air. On some rare occasions a restriction in the power steering hoses will affect steering performance.

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