1996 Lincoln – air suspension failure

Dear Doctor: My 1996 Lincoln has 94,000 miles on it, runs great and looks new. The front air shock boots have deteriorated and now leak. I’m advised the parts replacement shocks cost over $2,000. Can I replace these air shocks with conventional? If so, will there be any appreciable handling or steering difference? My Lincoln dealer will only replace with OEM. Werner

Dear Werner: I see many vehicles with air suspension failures and I always suggest the conversion over to conventional coil spring assemblies. The vehicle will ride and handle better than the old air suspension. On most vehicles a simple snip of a wire at the air suspension module will also shut off the air suspension light and the compressor will not run. Have your technician contact a conversion company. There are many out there. The conversion coil spring assembly will come complete and ready to bolt-in place.

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