1996 Buick Century – cylinder gasket failure

Dear Doctor: I had a 1996 Buick Century with cylinder gasket failure, which was repaired in 2003 at my local Buick dealer, but repair costs were not covered as it was out of warranty at 69,000 miles. My current 2002 Buick Century had the same internal leakage problem. It was repaired on 3-5-08 at the Buick dealer at 68k miles (again out of warranty). The same internal leakage failed again at 78,000 miles. I also own a 2006 Buick LaCrosse with only 19,000 miles and fear the same type of GM engine failure will occur. What should I do? Nic

Dear Nic: There is no question that some of the GM V-6 engines have had throttle body, intake manifold and intake gasket failure. There are many different brand vehicles with longer warranties, including some of the newer GM models. As for the same possible failure occurring on your 2006 Buick, I recommend you change the antifreeze every two years, as this could help delay the problem.

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