1993 Honda Civic

Dear Doctor: My 1993 Honda Civic has over 212,000 miles. About a month or so ago I started to hear some kind of noise from the steering column. A few days later I lost my power steering. My mechanic ordered a new pump, reservoir and a pulley to replace the old ones. While I was waiting for the parts to come in I drove the car and noticed that the noise has gone away and the power steering is working fine, except that I have noticed a few drops of some kind of fluid on my garage floor leaking (minor) from the engine. I have been driving the car without any problems for three weeks. Now I have $500 parts, which the mechanic said that he will not be able to return. I would appreciate your recommendations. EK

Dear EK: There should be a way to return the parts, even special order parts should be returnable for a restocking fee. I would contact the place the parts were purchased from. For your Honda to lose the power steering means a possible air pocket is likely. Older Honda vehicles had a problem with air entering the system from a poor sealing o-ring at the power steering pump. I would not replace any parts at this time. As for the small leak, you do need to identify the source of the leak.

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