1991 Oldsmobile 98 – problems starting the car

Dear Doctor: I own a 1991 Oldsmobile 98. I’ve had a lot of ignition and computer sensors installed, but still have problems starting the car. Each time I get the issue fixed the car runs for a while, but then goes back into a start and stall cycle. The dealer has done much of the work. The only part that was not replaced was the computer. What advice can you give me on my Olds? Wanda

Dear Wanda: Your car’s stall and no-start condition sound like a lack of fuel rather than a lack of spark issue. Since you’ve spent a lot of money replacing parts and still have the problem it’s time to find someone else to work on your car. I recommend you find a repair shop that has an ASE-certified technician and/or a AAA-approved repair shop. Call your local AAA office, even if you are not a member, and ask for a list of approved shops in your area.

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