1989 Ford Taurus has fuel pump, new ignition installed

Dear Doctor: My mom owns a 1989 Ford Taurus. She had a fuel pump and a new ignition switch installed (neither one a ford part). She turns on the ignition and it stalls immediately, and continues to stall unless she pumps the gas pedal hard and keeps pumping the pedal. Sometimes it will catch, and then she puts it into gear and it stalls. When she finally gets is to catch, it sputters but eventually runs smoothes after a few minutes. It can happen many times a day, or she can go a week without the problem arising. What could this be? Leslie

Dear Leslie: It could be a fuel delivery idle motor problem. The technician needs to hook up a scan tool and observe sensor information and fuel pressure gauge. The idle speed control motor, throttle position sensor and coolant temperature sensor need to be checked. An EGR valve that is not fully closed will also cause stalling. Your Taurus, like most vehicles 1995 and older, has an OBD1 system that requires a compatible scan tool, such as the Actron CP9015 code reader, or the professional CP9190 advanced scan tool. Without this information the troubleshooting is a guessing game.

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