1955 Corvette

  Back in 2001, Fenwick Binder of Louisiana began looking for a “project car” that he and his son, Robert, could restore together. After hunting three years for the right car, a rare 1955 Corvette was located in Salinas, Calif.
The two-speed automatic transmission was rebuilt and an overhauled 265-cubic-inch engine that could produce 195 horsepower was installed. The V-8 could easily propel the 2,650-pound car.
Chevrolet production records have two different numbers of 1955 Corvettes built — 700 and 674. It is thought that the number 674 represents the number of cars equipped with V-8 engines, and the 700 were cars with the 155-horsepower inline six-cylinder engine.

Sitting on top of the V-8 engine is a single four-barrel Carter carburetor. Hiding the carburetor from view is the flashy, enormous air filter. That filter was only mounted on 1955 Corvettes.

Not only are the seats, door panels and carpeting blue to match the color of the car, but the top of the dashboard is blue as well. The dashboard has two “eyebrows.” The one in front of the driver shades the speedometer while the one in front of the passenger shades the radio.
Full wheel covers dress up the white sidewall tires. Original equipment tires were 6.70×15 inches, but for safety and ease of handling Binder now has radial tires on the 102-inch wheelbase of his 1955 Corvette.

Records show that Binder’s Corvette was built in February 1955 and had a base price of $2,934. — Vern Parker, Motor Matters

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